LipoCube Products

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Medical Device

LipoCube™ Nano

The LipoCube™ Nano™ is a single-use mechanical device for the processing of lipoaspirate.

LipoCube™ SVF

Regenerative therapies by using autologous stem cells is the emerging hot topic in medicine.

LipoCube™ Nano Kit

Designed and packed for the practitioners to enable the fat transfer in the closed sterile system with Lipobag™.

LipoCube™ Hybrid Mini

LipoCube Hybrid Mini is a selective filtration technology that condenses the harvested fat tissue while removing blood, fat, fluid, and damaged cells within a closed sterile system.

Lipotransfer Devices

LipoCube transfer devices are created for convenient fat harvesting, suction and injection.


LipoCube PRP medical kits are designed for fast and efficient PRP separation.

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