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Stem cells enhance the body’s natural long-term potential to heal damaged, wrinkled, or elastin-depleted skin without any side effects.

Orthopedics - Lipocube Application Areas


Regenerative treatments can help with neovascularization as well as replacing or fixing cells in the body. As a result, they have the potential to improve blood circulation, aid in the healing of severe injuries, and alleviate the wear and tear of cells caused by aging.

Wound Healing

Regenerative therapies are used to treat sports injuries as well as injuries caused by accidents. It is extremely beneficial when joints, muscles, bones, cartilage, and even nerves are damaged.


Stem cells are being used in indications as erectile dysfunction, penile enlargement and Peyronie’s disease.


In gyneacology, the stem cells are used for aesthetic purposes, vajinal rejuvenation and G-shot.