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Lipocube™ is a medical device company based in London,UK, established to develop, design, patent, and market medical devices based on human fat tissue processing with applications in primarily in regenerative medicine, as well as other medical fields like orthopedics, cardiovascular.

Two patents have been incorporated, and two medical devices have already been designed, tested and produced with the participation of leading scientists and surgeons.

One of the devices is developed for mechanical isolation of SVF from autologous fat, and the other device is developed for processing of fat tissue from Milli to Micro and to Nano fat to be applied in regenerative purposes.

Lipocube Nano Lauch


Feb 2019

Lipocube Expanding

11 Distributor 23 Countries

June 2019

CE Registration

Nano & SVF ( CLASS IIA )

Nov 2019

Lipocube SVF Launch


Feb 2020

Lipocube Expanding

23 Distributor 53 Countries

Mar 2020

Lipocube PRP Kit Launch

PRP Kit Launch

Mar 2022


510K Approved


Dec 2022

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